Splinter Cell Reportedly Returning As Oculus VR Game

Sam Fisher could be coming to Oculus VR, and you could wear his goggles.


It appears Sam Fisher is finally coming back with a game of his own, but the next Splinter Cell reportedly won't be what you expected. Ubisoft is developing a Splinter Cell game exclusively for Oculus devices, if a recent report is to be believed, and it isn't the company's only game coming to the headset. [Update: Sure enough, the news is true: Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed games are coming to Oculus. The news was shared alongside the reveal of the Oculus Quest 2.]

Spanish-language website Vandal reported on September 16 that Splinter Cell will be returning on both the Oculus Quest and unannounced Oculus Quest 2 headsets. That's today, which is also when the Facebook Connect event is happening. The game is in development primarily at Ubisoft Red Storm, a studio that began its life as the primary Clancy developer for Ubisoft but has subsequently shifted to VR projects.

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Alongside Splinter Cell, Vandal reported an Assassin's Creed game is also coming to the same platforms. Though we've certainly gotten plenty of Assassin's Creed games over the years, the series has only occasionally dabbled with first-person perspective in a few modern-day segments. Jumping off a tower into a bail of hay in first-person sounds like it would make us hurl.

The last full Splinter Cell game, Splinter Cell Blacklist, released in 2013. It received good reviews, but underperformed commercially, and Sam Fisher has been limited to guest appearances in other Clancy games such as Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Rainbow Six Siege. The VR game actually seems like it could be a good fit, as you'd be able to feel like you're wearing Sam's signature goggles. It's unclear if this is the only Splinter Cell game in the works or if Ubisoft is planning a larger-scale revival of the brand.

Ubisoft often supports new consoles and technology out of the gate, with everything from the Xbox One's Kinect to the PlayStation VR getting plenty of games from the company. VR games were mostly absent from the most-recent Ubisoft Forward presentation aside from a location-based Far Cry spinoff that won't be playable for most fans.

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