Splinter Cell Chaos Theory multiplayer update

Third entry in stealth adventure series to feature both cooperative and competitive gameplay.


Breaking radio silence on Sam Fisher's latest mission, Ubisoft announced today further details of the multiplayer modes to be included in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, the third entry in its popular stealth action series. Specifically, Ubisoft announced that in addition to the cooperative multiplayer showcased at this year's E3, the game would also feature three different variations on the competitive "versus" multiplayer introduced in this year's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow.

The versus mode will pair four players into two teams--mercenaries and spies. Three different modes will be available in the form of scenario, disk hunt, and deathmatch. While further details on each mode have not yet been released, "scenario" would seem to require the accomplishment of a unique objective that depends on the level. Meanwhile, "disk hunt" would focus on finding a disk that's hidden in the level before other players do likewise. Finally, "deathmatch" represents an all-out war.

In the cooperative mode, players will work in pairs to accomplish tasks that would be impossible alone--like scaling high walls, reaching pipes that are too high for one person to shimmy along without a boost up, and keeping watch while hacking into enemy computers. The maps will support three different ways to play with friends: online, system link, and split-screen multiplayer.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory will ship in March of 2005 for the Xbox, PC, PlayStation2, and GameCube.

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