Spider-Man PS4 Has One Of The Highest Platinum Trophy Completion Rates

One in 10 players have Spider-Man's platinum trophy.


For a triple-A game, PS4's Spider-Man has one of the highest platinum trophy completion rates ever. As of writing this article, it's sitting at 10.2%, so about one in ten players who pick up the game are grabbing every trophy for it.

At first glance, this might not seem all that impressive. Game Informer, for example, points out that there are games with much higher rates, like Undertale, which sits at 21.4%. However, when compared to PS4's other big name exclusives, it's apparent that Spider-Man has a pretty high completion rate. According to Twinfinite, after Spider-Man, the next major PS4 exclusive with the highest platinum trophy completion rate is Horizon Zero Dawn at 6.9%. It's followed by 2018's God of War at 5.5%, Until Dawn at 2.9%, and Persona 5 at 2.4%.

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It certainly helps that Spider-Man, despite its size, is a relatively easy game to 100% complete. The game has no trophies tied to playing the game on a certain difficulty or completing a level in a specific way. Arguably, the four hardest trophies in the game are tied to Taskmaster's challenges--Short Fuse, Spy Hunter, Fists of Fury, and Ninja--that have you get at least Spectacular (two out of three stars) in one Bomb, Drone, Combat, and Stealth challenge respectfully. You don't actually need to get a perfect Ultimate rating in any of the challenges to grab Spider-Man's platinum, though. I Heart Manhattan--which is earned by completing every district in the game--will probably take you the longest to do, but since most of that requirement is tied to finding collectibles and responding to crimes, it's not all that hard.

Spider-Man is exclusively available for PS4. The game is scheduled to get three DLC expansions before the end of 2018. The first, titled The Heist, releases on October 23 and focuses on Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat. Insomniac is also working on giving Spider-Man a New Game Plus mode that will allow you to replay through the entire game with all of Spidey's abilities, skills, and gadgets that you unlocked in a previous save.

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