Spelunky 2 Is Launching Next Month

Spelunky 2 creator Derek Yu joined the State of Play broadcast to flesh out new gameplay features.


Spelunky 2, the sequel to the groundbreaking platformer, is finally launching next month on September 15 for both PS4 and Steam. Development on the game had gone quiet for months after Yu announced that it would be delayed from its original 2019 release window.

"We wanted to try to not change the things that made the first so great," Yu said in Sony's State of Play stream. He added that Spelunky 2 would have cooperative and competitive online multiplayer, branching paths, and a more expansive shopping experience.

Yu explained that he wanted to expand the concept of the original Spelunky universe. While he didn't confirm exact details, Yu did say that players would be building a "community and family" as they complete various runs. He also announced the ability to ride turkeys and encounter characters that can help or harm you. The sequel will also include more story than its predecessor.

"The time it takes to complete a successful run, however, hasn’t increased that much," Yu wrote on the official Playstation blog. "Instead, the journey has become much more dense and varied, with lots more to do and try with each time you venture into the caves."

The original Spelunky emerged from its obscure indie roots to become one of the most celebrated games of its era in its HD incarnation, with some even hailing it as the game of the decade. In our review, Tom McShea said that Spelunky "makes excellent use of its random nature to keep you hooked as you strive to dive ever deeper into the mysterious depths."

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