Spellbreak Release Date Revealed

The free-to-play battle royale Spellbreak is coming out very soon.


The fantastical third-person battle royale Spellbreak now has a release date. Confirmed during the Gamescom Opening Night Live presentation, the game is coming on September 3 and will be free to play.

Spellbreak is an RPG-like battle royale that has you controlling one of six different classes of battlemages as you fight to come out on top. You can watch the launch trailer below to get a sense of combat, which is understandably hectic when all six classes start duking it out on the battlefield, unleashing spells at one another.

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As you'd expect from a battle royale, your efforts spent fighting feed into your class' progression, allowing you to customize and enhance them further. This feeds into the complexity of Spellbreak's combat, which revolves around creating different combinations of elemental properties and tactically infusing them into your class' magical gauntlets to create devastating attacks. There's quite an amount of depth involved, so for more details and our thoughts about how the game plays, read our Spellbreak preview.

Spellbreak is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. But if you're playing on PC, the game is only available on the Epic Games Store. Regardless of where you play, all versions support cross-play and cross-progression, so you're free to transition between any platform and continue from where you left off.

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