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Spec Ops: The Line Delisting Reason Revealed, Director Comments On Removal

The culprits are expired licenses.


2K's Spec Ops: The Line has been delisted from digital platforms over the past few days and the publisher finally provided a reason as to why the game suddenly disappeared. However, Spec Ops: The Line's director appears to still be optimistic about its future.

"Spec Ops: The Line will no longer be available on online storefronts, as several partnership licenses related to the game are expiring. Players who have purchased the game can still download and play the game uninterrupted," 2K said in a statement to Inverse. "2K would like to thank our community of players who have supported the game, and we look forward to bringing you more offerings from our label throughout this year and beyond."

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Initially, the developers of the game didn't understand why it was suddenly delisted everywhere. Director Cory Davis also said, "Devastating personally, but also for those who poured their souls into its creation alongside me as developers, and for the gaming community at large. This is not the end for Spec Ops: The Line."

Spec Ops: The Line was first released in 2012 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. While it received praise for its story and themes depicting the gruesome realities of war, it was a commercial failure. As a result, fans shouldn't expect a sequel.

In GameSpot's Spec Ops the Line review, we said, "Mechanically, Spec Ops is an utterly commonplace third-person shooter, but narratively, it strives to raise philosophical questions and put you outside of your comfort zone. These contrasts create some intriguing moments, but they are too often muddled by mediocre execution."

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