Sorrent takes Bush vs. Kerry contest mobile

Punching out the presidential candidate of your choice is perfectly legal in Bush vs. Kerry Boxing, a new mobile slugfest.


Mobile game publisher Sorrent has taken Bush vs. Kerry Boxing, a "politically charged" game for mobile platforms, live. The game invites mobile gamers to step into the ring as either of the two presidential candidates. Each candidate will have his own special moves, such as the Right Wing Hook and the Far Left Jab. The results of every match will be automatically posted to the Sorrent Web site, giving visitors a glimpse of which candidate is leading in the Pugilist Poll. Ten percent of proceeds generated by the game will go to Rock the Vote, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose mission is to introduce American youth to the political process by using the entertainment community as a conduit for doing so. The game is currently available to Sprint PCS subscribers.

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