Sony to tame dragons in new RPG

Pride of the Dragon Peace will be released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan in October.


TOKYO--Sony Computer Entertainment will release a new fantasy role-playing game for the PlayStation 2 in Japan titled Pride of the Dragon Peace, reported the Shonen Sunday magazine. Players will take on the role of a dragon tamer who raises a dragon and can make it evolve into various forms, depending on decisions made during the course of the game.

Details on Pride of the Dragon Peace are scarce. What is known is that players can ride on the dragon in the field map and have it fight in a battle mode, which uses a traditional command-input system. The objective in the game is to discover why a group of spirits that used to live in harmony with humans have become hostile.

Pride of the Dragon Peace is planned for an October release in Japan, at the retail price of 6,090 yen ($55).

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