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Sony to post a greater financial loss than expected, but it's not the fault of the PS4

Despite flogging 7 million PlayStation 4's, Vaio laptops are ruining Sony's chances of a big money party.

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The PlayStation 4 might be in rude health, but Sony has briefed its investors that it expects to post a higher loss than expected this financial year.

Sony is now bracing itself for a loss of of 130 billion yen (approximately $1.3bn/£770m) due to flatlining sales of its Vaio laptops. The company announced it was selling off its PC business back in February.

Since taking charge of the good ship Sony, CEO Kaz Hirai has led Sony through a major restructuring, and will suffer an additional 30 billion yen hit in extra costs as the company looks to exit the PC market.

Sony also expects to lose 25 billion yen from its disc manufacturing business, saying that demand for physical media is shrinking faster than expected as customers embrace a digital future.

The PlayStation 4, however, is taking one for the team: global sales of the console now stand at 7 million.

Sony will announce its financial results on May 14.

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