Sony sends Notch gold colored PlayStation One

Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson says he also received original copy of Dungeon Master II; "They sure know how to bribe nerds."


Sony sent Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson a gold colored PlayStation One as a means to invite him to an event at next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo, the designer said over Twitter recently.

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"Got a [VIP] invitation to an [E3] event from Sony in the form of a gold colored [PlayStation One]. Wow. :D," Persson said.

Persson said the system came without video or power cables and is not sure if the console actually works.

"Sony also once sent me an original copy of Dungeon Master II they had lying around for some reason. They sure know how to bribe nerds. ;D," he added.

Mojang and Microsoft partnered up for Minecraft on Xbox Live Arcade, which has sold over 6 million units thus far and been described by executives as a "beast."

Neither Minecraft, nor any other Mojang titles, are available on Sony's PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita. However, Mojang said in March that it will "consider" bringing Minecraft to Sony platforms when its exclusivity deal with Microsoft is up. Support for Nitnendo's Wii U, though, is "very unlikely," the company said.

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