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Sony says Xbox One's free FIFA offer is "kind of odd"

SCEE CEO Jim Ryan says "why should we do that?" about offering a similar deal at PlayStation 4 launch, believes real challenge will be meeting consumer demand.


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan has called Microsoft's free FIFA 14 on Xbox One offer "kind of odd."

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Speaking with Metro at Gamescom, Ryan said Sony is not tempted to offer a similar deal, noting the real challenge of the PlayStation 4 will be meeting demand.

"Why should we do that?" Ryan said. "Our problem is gonna be matching supply to demand. It's perfectly rational when a platform holder, or indeed a publisher, runs a preorder campaign to engage in promotional behavior to dial it up if you feel it's not where you need it to be. That’s a rational thing for any businessman to do. We're perfectly happy with where our preorder are."

"Why would we go out and add something? Giving away stuff on day one of a new platform launch, in my mind it’s kind of odd," he added.

All new and existing Xbox One preorders in Europe will include a bundled copy of FIFA 14 when the console launches. The offer will be available while supplies last.

Sony announced during Gamescom last week that preorders for the PS4 have exceeded 1 million units worldwide. According to Ryan, based on retailer checks, Sony is pacing ahead of Microsoft in this department.

"We obviously talk to retailers, who quite properly will not share precise numbers with us but who are typically prepared to give an indication of how the land lies," Ryan said. "And it varies from retailer to retailer and it varies from country to country, but I'm not hearin' of too many places at all--at all-- where they're ahead of us."

Microsoft has not disclosed preorder figures for the Xbox One.

Sony recently nailed down a November 15 release date for the PS4 in North America, while Microsoft has committed to releasing the Xbox One sometime in November. The PS4 will sell for $400, while the Xbox One will debut at $500.

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