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Sony Says It's Making 3 Movies And 7 TV Shows Based On PlayStation Games

Only a few of these game adaptations have been announced so far.


Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra has revealed in a CNBC interview that Sony's various divisions will be working together more closely in the future--including more TV shows and movies based on PlayStation franchises. While he didn't specify which games are being adapted, he revealed that there are currently three films and seven TV shows in the works at Sony Pictures based on PlayStation games.

While the interview was mainly about Sony Pictures' plans to continue with more traditional theatrical release schedules into 2021, in opposition to Warner Bros' plans to release theatrically and digitally at the same time, Vinciquerra also talked about how Sony cooperates between its different divisions.

"We have a program within the company called One Sony," he explained. "We've seen lots of things happening in that regard--for instance, the Uncharted movie, which we shot completely during the pandemic and will be released next year based on a Sony Playstation IP."

"We have 3 films in the works with Sony PlayStation IP, and we have seven television projects in the works with Sony Playstation IP," he elaborated. "You'll be seeing a lot more integration of Sony companies together in the future."

While some of these projects have been announced, many are still a mystery. The movie of course includes the upcoming Uncharted film, though it's unclear if Vinciquerra also counted the Monster Hunter movie, which released earlier this month to less than positive reviews. It's a Capcom franchise that also appears on other platforms.

As for TV shows, the projects we currently know about include the Last Of Us TV series HBO will coproduce with Sony Pictures Television, as well as an upcoming live action Final Fantasy XIV show that will be a partnership between Sony and Hivemind Productions.

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