Sony Knows You Want More PS5 Updates

In an interview on PlayStation's blog, SVP of Platform Experience Hideaki Nishino talked about the latest PS5 updates, and what's in store for the future.


Accompanying the latest set of PS5 updates, Sony published a behind-the-scenes interview on the PlayStation Blog with the SVP of Platform Experience Hideaki Nishino. In it, he discussed the new major updates--like M.2 storage expansion and 3D audio, as well as acknowledging that "there's a lot" of other future updates that players are asking for.

His full comment: "When I look back at the list of things we need to do, there's a lot. There's a lot the community is asking for as well. I want to say in the Japanese way, I'm diligently working on these lists and there will be more coming out in the future."

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Elaborating on how system updates are put together, Nishino also commented that the team had a wishlist of updates put together before the PS5 launch, and that it is also monitoring the feedback from the community.

"We learned a lot through PS4 and continue to learn about how players are using the system and how games are behaving. We know what is most accepted and most popular; what features are not used. So, we had a gigantic list of things before the PS5 launch that we wanted to do. Actually, we dreamed of doing everything," Nishino said. "Did I digest the whole list? I don’t think so, yet. But, there are interesting, exciting, fantastic ideas on the list. At the same time, we launched the PS5. So, we are receiving a bunch of feedback from the community through social networks or system telemetry, as well as the media, my family, my friends."

Nishino could not elaborate on what new PS5 features his team is working on next, but reiterated throughout the interview that Sony wants to add a lot more features and are aware of community requests.

Popular requests from the community include the ability to organize folders--a feature the PS4 already has--and 1440p support. You can also check out the list of PS5 improvements that the GS staff would like to see.

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