Sony invades Warped, Ozzfest tours

Concertgoers get hands on new and upcoming PS2, PSP titles.


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Sony is giving music-loving gamers at this year's Ozzfest and Vans Warped tours the chance to get their hands on new and upcoming PlayStation 2 and PSP titles.

When attendees along the Vans Warped Tour aren't listening to performances by Billy Idol, The Offspring, and Simple Plan, they can kick back in Sony's PlayStation tent and try out upcoming games like SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs and EyeToy: Play 2 on the PS2 and MediEvil Resurrection for the PSP, as well as an array of already available titles for the two systems.

Over on the Ozzfest tour, gamers will get to break from the ear-pounding assault of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Rob Zombie, Mudvayne, and Velvet Revolver with the PlayStation Experience, a 77-foot truck-turned-arcade featuring a PSP bar, Gran Turismo 4 pit, EyeToy Zone, and a competition stage.

Vans Warped Tour kicked off last month and runs through August 15, while Ozzfest runs from July 15 to September 4.

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