Sony discontinuing 20GB and 60GB PS3 in Japan

The PlayStation maker has axed the two more expensive models of its flagship console in the region.


The newest PlayStation 3 SKU, the 40GB machine, has proved a controversial choice for those who hoped that their current-generation console would play PlayStation 2 games. According to Sony, the 40GB PS3 is not backward compatible in any way, shape, or form.

However, it is cheaper. And it looks like the price is right for Japanese gamers, given that the new model--released in the region in both piano black and ice white colours in October--has helped Sony gain market share, according to Bloomberg.

At the moment there are three different PS3 models on sale in the region: the 20GB, the 40GB, and the 60GB. Price-wise, the 40GB is the cheapest of the three, weighing in at 39,800 yen ($362), followed by the 20GB at 44,980 yen ($410), and the 60GB, which retails for 54,980 yen ($501).

Sony intends to whittle this down to leave just the 40GB model on sale in the country. In the UK, a similar plan is underway. The 60GB model has been given a price cut (£350, $687) as it is phased out, with the plan to leave only the 40GB (£300, $589) on sale.

In the US, the 40GB PS3 ($399) is also on sale, along with an extra-large 80GB model ($499).

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