Sony Japan announces PS3 price drop, white 40GB model

Following announcements made in Europe and Australia, island nation will be getting a similar deal, along with new ceramic hue for the next-gen console.


Now in snow camouflage for the holidays!
Now in snow camouflage for the holidays!

Sony's holiday strategy plans for Japan have been revealed, and they appear to be similar to those in Europe and Australia. The Japanese will be getting the brand-new 40GB PlayStation 3 model on November 11, the first anniversary of the PS3 in the region. Prices for the 20GB and 60GB models will be reduced on October 17.

The new model, which had been rumoured for several weeks before its official announcement, is two USB ports short of the 60GB premium model. It also lacks a memory card slot and is not backward compatible with PlayStation 2 games.

In Japan, the 40GB model will cost ¥39,980 (approx. $341), and will come in a choice of two different colours: standard black and the new ceramic white. On November 11--the same day the 40GB model goes on sale--the Dual Shock 3 controller will also become available.

The Dual Shock 3 was announced by Kaz Hirai at this year's Tokyo Game Show, and the new controller will feature both motion-sensing controls and a rumble function. The new wireless controller will cost ¥5,500 ($47) and will also be available in black and ceramic white.

The first 200,000 people who buy a PlayStation 3 in Japan after October 17 will receive a free copy of the Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray movie.

Just before the launch of the new SKU, Sony will be dropping the price of the 20GB and 60GB versions of the console, both of which are still on sale in Japan. The new prices will come into effect on October 17 and will be ¥44,980 ($383) for the 20GB version, and ¥54,980 ($469) for the 60GB model--a ¥5,000 ($43) drop for each.

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