Sony confirms UK Network prices

The company sets its UK prices and schedule for downloadable games from the PlayStation 3 Network.


More details of the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network in Europe have been confirmed today in an announcement from Sony.

In the UK, games will cost between £1.99 and £6.99. In Europe, the Network downloads weigh in at between 2.99 and 9.99 euros, or approximately £2-7 ($4-13), meaning that the UK cost is in line with the rest of Europe. Prices are slightly cheaper than the Wii's Virtual Console, where games are priced at between £3.75 (500 Wii Points) and £7.50 (1,000 Wii Points), and the Xbox 360 Live Arcade, where downloadable games cost between £3.20 (400 points) and £9.60 (1,200 points).

The PlayStation Network will also include the option to download extra content for games and videos, on a sliding scale of charges that will start at 0.99 euros (70p).

There will be three games available online for the European launch date of March 23: Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Blast Factor, and Gran Turismo HD. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is priced at £6.99, with Blast Factor confirmed at £3.49 and no price set for Gran Turismo HD at the time of writing. Four other titles have been confirmed to follow--Super Rub-A-Dub on March 30, flOw on April 6, Go! Sudoku on April 13, and Go! Puzzle on April 20.

These titles will be made available for an "introductory period" at the listed prices.

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