Sony clarifies stance on PlayStation 4 'restrictions'

PlayStation maker confirms Online Pass program will not be continued on PS4 and that no "gating restrictions" will be in place for software.


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Sony has clarified its stance on PlayStation 4 game "restrictions," after executive Jack Tretton said earlier today on Spike TV that decisions about DRM would be left up to third-party publishers.

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In a statement sent to GameSpot, Sony confirmed its Online Pass program will not be extended to first-party PS4 titles and that no "gating restrictions" will be in place for disc-based games on the system.

"The Online Pass program for PlayStation first-party games will not continue on PlayStation 4. Similar to PS3, we will not dictate the online used game strategy (the ability to play used games online) of its publishing partners," reads a line from the statement.

"As announced last night, PS4 will not have any gating restrictions for used disc-based games," the statement goes on. "When a gamer buys a PS4 disc they have right to use that copy of the game, so they can trade-in the game at retail, sell it to another person, lend it to a friend, or keep it forever."

This plan differs from that of Microsoft, which has said that decisions about whether or not secondhand Xbox One games can be resold will be left up to publishers. In addition, secondhand Xbox One sales will be available only at unspecified "participating retailers."

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