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Sons Of The Forest - How To Get The Glider Launcher

The Glider Launcher is an item added in the 1.0 update of Sons of the Forest, but where can you find it on the map?


One of the most sought-after items in Sons of the Forest is the Hang Glider, which allows you to soar through the skies and reach destinations much quicker. A big issue with the glider, though, is that you need to launch yourself from a high distance for it to work. Luckily, with the 1.0 update in Sons of the Forest, those problems are no more, as you can find the Glider Launcher item to launch directly from the ground.

Below, you can see where to find the blueprint for the Glider Launcher and how to craft it in Sons of the Forest.

Glider Launcher blueprint location

The blueprint for the Glider Launcher is located on the western side of the island in Sons of the Forest, east of the Entertainment Bunker.

You have to travel east of the bunker until you reach a dead body with a light in their hand and a note next to them. Just past this dead body is a small cave entrance in between some rocks. As always, keep an eye out for the orange blip on your map that indicates a cave is nearby.

Find the Glider Launcher blueprint here.
Find the Glider Launcher blueprint here.

Fortunately, once you enter the cave, you won't find any enemies, so you can rest easy going through the narrow passageways. Go through the entire cave, collecting some additional resources along the way, until you find the Glider Launcher blueprint at the end of it. With the blueprint in hand, head back to your base so you can craft your new traversal device.

Crafting the Glider Launcher

The Glider Launcher requires the following resources to craft in Sons of the Forest:

  • 14 Sticks
  • 12 Planks
  • 7 Logs
  • 4 Turtle Shells
  • 4 Wire

Once you have the necessary materials, craft the Glider Launcher and then place the object somewhere near your base. I recommend placing it in a more open area so you have room to take off and don't hit anything as you ascend.

After the launcher is placed, approach the center of it with your glider out, step on the four pads in the center, and you'll be sent flying into the air. Once you're at the highest altitude, move in any direction and start soaring high above the trees.

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