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Sons Of The Forest - Gold Arm Door and Golden Armor Guide

Open a sealed door made of solid gold in Sons of the Forest.


The various mysteries you've experienced in Sons of the Forest will culminate in a harrowing journey to the very depths of the island. There, you'll face numerous threats as you attempt to make it out alive. Here's our guide to help you find the Golden Armor so you can unlock the Gold Arm Door in Sons of the Forest.

The Golden Armor and Gold Arm Door in Sons of the Forest

To acquire the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest, you'll need to get the following in order: Maintenance Keycard, VIP Keycard, and Guest Keycard. Once you have these, it's time to head to the opposite side of the island. Regardless of how the map rotates on the GPS Tracker's screen, you'll simply want to go to the other side of the mountain range where you'll find a green marker that's directly across a cave and a lake.

There's a larger-than-usual facility, and it's crawling with mutants. Check every room to grab some cool stuff here, such as the Putter, Leather Jacket, Katana, Gold Mask, and, of course, the Sons of the Forest Golden Armor.

Left: The facility with the Golden Armor, Katana, and more; Right: The Golden Armor in one of the rooms.

The Gold Arm Door in the last facility

When you're done, your goal is to head along the coast (still on the far side of the island). You'll see yet another green marker. Enter the tunnel and venture further into the facility. It looks just like the previous area that you visited, but there's no unique loot to be found.

In any case, just go through each hallway and room until you come across a lounge where a corpse of a construction worker has been hanged. Peek inside the bathroom to see steam blowing out of an opening. Go through it and you'll find yourself in a cave system.

Left: The facility with the Gold Arm Door; Right: Check the bathroom when you reach the lounge with the hanged man.

At the end of the passageway, you'll see the Sons of the Forest Gold Arm Door (as shown on the featured image). To open it, simply interact with it. If you already have the Golden Armor, then your character will don it automatically to unlock the doorway.

As you go deeper, you'll notice lava spewing from crevices. Likewise, there are dozens of mutants here just waiting for you. You could try to take them out with your Pistol, Shotgun, or Revolver, but there's just too many of them. However, if you previously acquired the Cross (in the same cave where you got the Rope Gun/Zipline Gun), you can use it to temporarily scare them. They'll still attack, but their melee strikes can be easily avoided. They'll also be somewhat hesitant, as opposed to being ultra-aggressive if you're wielding anything but the Cross.

Left: Use the Cross to scare the mutants; Right: The next gold door you see will lead to the conclusion of your journey.

Continue onward past numerous tunnels and lava-filled chambers and, eventually, you'll see another golden door. One of the soldiers is standing there and, if you move closer, a cutscene will play. This leads to one of several endings. We discuss these in our Sons of the Forest all endings guide.

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