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Sons Of The Forest - VIP Keycard Guide

Acquire the VIP Keycard in Sons of the Forest.


After you've picked up the Maintenance Keycard in Sons of the Forest, you'll be able to access several facilities. While some have nifty rewards, one of them is especially important for progression. Here's our guide to help you get the VIP Keycard in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest VIP Keycard location

To get the Sons of the Forest VIP Keycard, you'll want to go to a specific green marker on the island. Let's pretend that the mountain range is to the north. The green marker that you should head toward is further southwest. There, you'll discover a couple of golf carts with corpses inside them. There's also a tunnel entrance.

The entrance to the facility with the VIP Keycard is in front of two golf carts.
The entrance to the facility with the VIP Keycard is in front of two golf carts.

Follow the pathway and climb down. You'll see a doorway to your right, which can be opened by swiping the Maintenance Keycard. In the next hallway, you'll battle a few mutants, but nothing too threatening if you've already obtained some high-end weaponry.

In any case, you can pick up some notable items here:

  • Crossbow - Held by a corpse to your right in one of the greenhouse areas.
  • VIP Keycard - Past the greenhouse section, you'll go through a submerged hallway. There's a door to your left, and it has a vent that leads to a security office. You'll find the Sons of the Forest VIP Keycard on the control panel. Come to think of it, the name of the card owner does seem familiar.
  • Shotgun Rail - This lets you add more attachments to your Shotgun. It's found on a shelf in the same security room.
  • Virginia's Dress - With the VIP Keycard, you'll be able to unlock the double doors at the end of the submerged hallway. This leads to the dining hall. To your right is a table that has Virginia's Dress. You can have Virginia equip this, assuming you managed to make her your companion.
From left to right: The crossbow in the greenhouse area; the control room with the VIP Keycard and Shotgun Rail; the dining hall with Virginia's Dress.

Once you have everything you need, check the back of the dining hall to see a section with broken glass. You can dive underwater if you have the Rebreather equipped, and the passage will lead you back to the surface.

In any case, now that you've got the Sons of the Forest VIP Keycard, you should have access to yet another facility. This one is in a place that you might have visited already. It's time to go acquire the Guest Keycard.

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