Sonic Adventure 2 Battle ships

The GameCube version of Sonic Adventure 2 is sent to stores.


Sega has announced that Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the GameCube has been shipped to stores. Players will have to play through the game as several different characters on two different sides, hero and dark--Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails are on the hero side, while Robotnick, Rouge, and Shadow fill out the dark portion of the game. The levels in the game have been designed to test the specific skills of each character.

However, the GameCube version of Sonic Adventure 2 is a little different from its Dreamcast counterpart. Chao raising has been slightly refined, making it easier to see how your chao are developing. In addition, there is now a feature that allows players to transport chao data to the Game Boy Advance, where they can tend to the basic needs of the chao. When connected to Sonic Advance for the Game Boy Advance, additional chao items and a save option become available. There are also a number of new multiplayer modes in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, such as treasure hunt race, action race battle, and shooting battle.

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