Some Guy Made A Suez Canal Game, And It's Just As Futile As The Real Thing

The boat that backed up traffic in the Suez Canal might be free now, but you can experience the thrill of trying to get it unstuck in this web game.


The Suez Canal was blocked for nearly a week by the freight liner Ever Given, and we finally have a game to commemorate the memetic event. Designer Eric Wilder released the short-form game Suez Canal Bulldozer onto recently, and it puts you behind the wheel of a lone bulldozer as you try to unwedge the 1,300-foot boat in order to save global commerce.

Sadly, just like in real life, you are unable to save the day here. No matter what you do, a message pops up that says, "It's super stuck." The game's aesthetics and sound are purposefully similar to the early Pokemon games like Red and Blue. Wilder told Kotaku that the omnipresent memes about the global event inspired him to put the game together. Said memes compare the struggles of living in our current pandemic conditions with the ineffective solutions that we try to use to solve these problems. "I just thought the futility of the meme was hilarious," Wilder said. "Had to spin that into a game."

The mammoth Ever Given was finally unwedged from the muck on Monday, capping off a whirlwind week for boat and meme enthusiasts. Wilder's game isn't the only digital representation of the stuck boat--a recent Microsoft Flight Simulator mod added it to the landscape. Jokes aside, the global impact of the blocked canal was quite significant. CNBC suggested that the blockage was costing billions of dollars per day, and exacerbating existing shortages that have affected consumer goods like cars, phones, and that PS5 you still can't find. The crisis might be over, but at least we'll still have our meme-ories.

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