Social Share: Dark Souls II Unofficial Controller, Steam Dev Day Trolls, & a Splunky Hell Run.

Here's what GameSpot staff members had to say about this weeks news stories on Twitter.


Welcome to the Social Share. We're sure that most of you already have a twitter account and are following us, but for those of you who aren't a part of the Twitter-verse we're here to share some of the bright little tidbits tweeted from the GameSpot staff so you can see what they're chatting about this week. Also, don't forget to follow GameSpot on twitter!

Danny O'Dwyer - @dannyodwyer

Last week on GTA Diaries, Danny and Rob showed off their best C.O.P.S. impression as they attempted to "clean the streets" of Los Santos. In the show's latest episode, Shaun is back as Danny's right hand man and at it again. If this tweet is any indication, things are going to get weird and fast.

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Shaun McInnis - @smcinnis

It seems like quite a bit came out of the Steam Developer Days this week, Valve replaced their Steam Machine controller design, Steam Greenlight may be sunsetting sooner than we thought, and Gabe... well Gabe was flat out ignored on Reddit. Here is Shaun's favorite thing about the Steam Dev Days.

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Chris Watters - CTWatters

Who doesn't love a good fun filled day of spelunking? For the past few days in a row, Chris and the GameSpot crew has gathered in huddled confusion as they take on the Spelunky Daily Challenges (usually this airs at 4:00pm PST on, you should subscribe!) This week however, the GameSpot Splunkers shared a moment of triumph despite obvious desires to troll.

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Jess McDonell - @JessMcDonell

Jess McDonell has been taking suggestions for her show The Gist (on every Monday at 12:00pm PST). As you can see she's still taking suggestions from her fans, just another reason why Jess is the hostess with the most-ess.

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Martin Gaston - @squidmania

Namco Bandai Games released a new Dark Souls II trailer titled simply “Curse”. Also this week, Titanfall announced that they were going to have a special edition controller. With these two news pieced combined, Martin Gaston decided that clearly the PS3 needed an exclusive Dark Souls II controller, here's what he came up with.

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