Gabe Newell ignored on Reddit, posts selfie

Prior to proving his identity, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell was largely ignored by the Reddit community.

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Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell has posted a photo of himself on social news website Reddit, following a series of threads created by him which received little response.

Newell initially created a thread in sub-Reddit section r/Gaming to promote a car racing in The Heart of Racing charity event. The thread received less than 30 comments, and was shortly followed by the creation of a second thread titled, "Gabe Newell has a question". Both threads attracted a similar number of responses.

His third attempt was made in the sub-Reddit section r/Motorsports, and drew the largest response following Newell's post of a photo to confirm his identity. At the time of writing, the thread has received 923 upvotes and contains over 700 comments.

Posting in the thread, Newell has also promised an Ask Me Anything session with Reddit users once hospital donations tied to the event reach $500,000.

Just last week, Valve revealed a new set of Steam Machines and accompanying controller design at CES 2014. The company is currently hosting the developer-only event Steam Dev Days in Seattle.

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