SNK NeoGeo hitting US PS2s with 4-part combo

The veteran publisher is releasing a duo of double-pack arcade ports over the coming year.


Today, SNK NeoGeo announced it is bringing another group of classic arcade games to American consoles. Over the next year, the publisher will release two combination packs, each of which will feature a pair of full arcade games. Each combination pack comes in a single case and will have an MSRP of $39.99.

The first pack, The King of Fighters 2002 and 2003, will ship in winter of 2004. Like the previously released The King of Fighters 2000/2001, the game will feature two past editions of SNK's 2D fighting games. The King of Fighters 2002 is also being released for the Xbox in October.

Arriving in spring 2005, SNK NeoGeo's second combination pack will bundle Metal Slug 4 and 5. Released in 2002 and 2004 in arcades, respectively, both games offer the same old-school side-scrolling-shooter action. Regarded as truer to the original Metal Slug's spirit than some of its other sequels, the two games let players take on successive waves of enemy soldiers and vehicles. A home version of Metal Slug 4 was also released for the NeoGeo.

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