Sniper Elite details emerge from hiding

EXCLUSIVE-- Rebellion releases new information on its sniping simulation for PC, PS2, and Xbox. New screens inside.


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UK-based Rebellion has released new information on Sniper Elite, a stealth-based action title that has been in hiding since its development was announced over a year ago. Set in 1945 Berlin, the game's story line, which has changed a little since the game was announced, sees the Soviet secret service attempting to obtain Germany's secret plans for an atom bomb. Players will assume the role of an elite American sniper recruited by the OSS (which later became the CIA) to prevent the Russians from achieving their goal.

Rebellion is eager to point out that Sniper Elite will not be a garden variety shooter, but it will in fact be a highly detailed sniping simulation. To succeed in the game, players will need to be aware of gravity effects, wind movements, their own posture and heart rate, empty-lung firing techniques, and location-specific damage to enemies. Players will have complete freedom to explore the game's environments, and they will need to employ various stealth techniques such as hugging walls and crawling underneath vehicles to avoid being spotted.

Rebellion's hope is that Sniper Elite will be released toward the end of this year, although no specific release dates have been announced at this time. We'll bring you more information on Sniper Elite as soon as it becomes available.

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