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Smash Bros. Ultimate's Min Min DLC, 8.0 Update Now Live

The Switch fighting game's next DLC character launches today, June 29, alongside the 8.0 update, which also adds a handful of new Mii Fighter costumes.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's next DLC fighter, Min Min from Arms, is here. The new character has arrived alongside the game's 8.0 update, which adds a handful of new Mii Fighter costumes and a new feature for Spirits mode.

Like previous DLC characters, Min Min comes with her own unique stage, Spring Stadium, as well as 18 music tracks taken from Arms, Nintendo's 2017 stretchy-arm fighting game. Fittingly, Min Min excels at long-range battling, using her extendable arms to attack opponents from a distance, and she can swap between three different Arms on the fly with her down special.

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Min Min is the first character to arrive as part of the Fighters Pass Vol. 2, which costs $30 USD and grants holders access to all six upcoming DLC fighters as they release. Players also have the option to pick up the Min Min character pack individually for $6 USD.

In addition to Min Min, five new Mii Fighter costumes have also arrived today: Ninjara (Arms), Callie and Marie (Splatoon), Heihachi (Tekken), and Vault Boy (Fallout). Each outfit costs 75 cents and is not included in the aforementioned Fighters Pass.

Finally, the 8.0 update introduces a rematch feature to Spirits mode. From your Spirit List, you can initiate a rematch with a Spirt you've already unlocked and aim to earn a higher score. You'll also win additional Spirit Points based on your score.

That's not all that's new for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; Nintendo is also giving away another freebie for the game. Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can claim another free Spirit Board Challenge Pack, which includes a handful of helpful items for Spirit Board mode.

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