Sly Cooper beats Hixton to the punch

Name change to GBA boxer done under threat of legal action.


It seems Inferno Games would rather switch than fight.

The company made note of a title change today. Based on communication it received from another business entity (Sucker Punch Productions), it said not to do so would have opened the company up to legal action.

Inferno has decided to release its cel-shaded GBA grappler with a new title, Wade Hixton's Counter Punch.

An Inferno spokesperson said: "Last week we received a legal documentation from Sucker Punch Productions (Sly Cooper) letting us know that we would not be allowed to release a game with the words "sucker punch" in it due to trademark conflicts. While this is unfortunate for us since the name fit so well, we have decided to comply with the request instead of trying to fight it. The game will now be called Wade Hixton's Counter Punch."

The game had once carried the title Sadistic Boxing.

Counter Punch is expected to appear in retail stores sometime before the 2003 holiday season.

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