Skyrim Grandma, The World's Oldest Streamer, Is Cutting Back Her Schedule

Shirley Curry, also known as Skyrim Grandma, is taking a break from streaming because of YouTube comments and her health.


Shirley Curry, also known to the internet as Skyrim Grandma, announced earlier this month that she would be cutting back on her famous streams of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim because of comments that she's received on her videos. After gaining an enthusiastic following in the streaming community for her passion for the game and becoming a world record holder as the world's oldest professional streamer, she's now taking a break from the activity.

Curry, who may be featured as an NPC in future Skyrim games, has been an avid player of the title since 2007 according to this article from Senior Planet. While her YouTube channel, active since 2011, was originally just for Curry to interact with other fans of Elder Scrolls V, she began to stream herself playing the game in 2015. However, she became famous almost overnight in late 2015 when she was featured on Reddit, and it's been stardom ever since.

Being a popular streamer isn't just a walk in the park, though. With some streamers being subjected to so much visibility and scrutiny to rival that of Hollywood celebrities, being in the public eye as a content creator can be exhausting.

Curry recently vlogged (as above) about receiving unwanted comments on videos of herself playing Elder Scrolls V this year. She mentions receiving comments that are negative, and that they're affecting her enjoyment of the game and her playstyle. Curry likes to focus on the roleplaying aspects of Skyrim, so she may not always be using the most optimal builds.

The Skyrim grandma noted that she wasn't "enjoying recording anymore" because she felt like she was "under a microscope all the time". She's since made the decision from May 2 to take a break from streaming and, when she resumes, to have a much-reduced schedule compared to her daily uploads.

The decision appears to be related to Curry's health too; she mentions that she's trying to ensure that she's looking after herself, and there's no doubt that a daily streaming schedule is tiring even for Twitch power users in the prime of their lives.

Curry is still working on her new stream schedule, but she can be found on YouTube along with all of the previous videos uploaded to her channel.

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