Skyrim Gets Cooperative Multiplayer With New Mod

Now you can explore Tamriel with a friend.


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The fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim, has remained popular since its launch in 2011. It has been supported by a huge modding community on the PC, giving the game all sorts of additions and improvements to keep it fresh. Now, a new mod is aiming to let you team up with your friends to explore the game's huge world.

Called Tamriel Online, the mod is still very much in its beginning stages. Made by reddit user Siegfre, the mod doesn't yet support events such as battling monsters together, but it still provides a glimpse at what the Skyrim experience could be like with a friend. You can watch an overview of the mod in its current state below.

Right now, the creator is looking for help to test the mod and to pinpoint where it needs improvement. Siegfre has already solved several problems including situations that cause the game to crash and save issues.

This is a pretty remarkable feat of modding work, especially considering development on multiplayer mods for the game have been in progress for several years. Siegfre writes in the opening post that he or she has worked on Tamriel Online for only a couple weeks before getting a playable build up and running.

You can check out the state of the mod and how to download it here, but don't expect it to run completely smoothly for a while. It's still very much early on in development, but it's striking to see the potential of a cooperative Skyrim.

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