Skyrim Gets Cooperative Multiplayer With New Mod

Now you can explore Tamriel with a friend.


The fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim, has remained popular since its launch in 2011. It has been supported by a huge modding community on the PC, giving the game all sorts of additions and improvements to keep it fresh. Now, a new mod is aiming to let you team up with your friends to explore the game's huge world.

Called Tamriel Online, the mod is still very much in its beginning stages. Made by reddit user Siegfre, the mod doesn't yet support events such as battling monsters together, but it still provides a glimpse at what the Skyrim experience could be like with a friend. You can watch an overview of the mod in its current state below.

Right now, the creator is looking for help to test the mod and to pinpoint where it needs improvement. Siegfre has already solved several problems including situations that cause the game to crash and save issues.

This is a pretty remarkable feat of modding work, especially considering development on multiplayer mods for the game have been in progress for several years. Siegfre writes in the opening post that he or she has worked on Tamriel Online for only a couple weeks before getting a playable build up and running.

You can check out the state of the mod and how to download it here, but don't expect it to run completely smoothly for a while. It's still very much early on in development, but it's striking to see the potential of a cooperative Skyrim.

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But there can only be one Dragonborn!

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Bethesda should really consider funding this or even take the idea and make a elder scrolls with co-op

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Have fun with those crashes.

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@Kr0w1Nc4rNa73: Nice comment.

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Personally, I thought Skyrim was meh, at best, but well worth the $20 purchase. That being said, I'm an advocate for co-op making nearly any game better... because even if its a bad game, you can have fun with friends - usually in making fun of it, lol.

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i hope they dont focus on suporting mods, or they will never finish, but i have hopes this turn like San andreas mp, or just cause mp in a few years

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As soon as I read the headline I knew it would end up being "well it kinda sorta works but doesn't support a ton of stuff". So many games with half baked attempts at coop mods that never get fully finished. Still leave it to Gamespot to put up a misleading headline.

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@cryofax: If it werent for gamespot "still"shedding light on the matter, i wouldnt have know, so misleading? nehhh thats a bit salty ;)

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Wonderful idea, when it's all sorted I'd love to try this. Only an option, I wouldn't want to do it all the time. Would be amazing if you could help each other out on quests too, just have to up the difficulty to stop it being too easy.

It'd be great if you could just leave your game open to a friend joining when they feel like it too, nicer if it's random than being in a sort of lobby, breaks immersion more than if they just walked out of a building nearby for example =P

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It's a real shame that ESO misses the mark. The engine is good and they get a lot right but the end result falls quite short of the single player experience.

Avatar image for spikepigeo

@DuaneDog: One of it's biggest issues is the engine. So I'm going to have to disagree with you on that.

It's a modified version of the Hero Engine, one of the shittiest engines ever made. It is the reason that there are still huge performance issues in large scale PvP and why the stupid view distance is so damn short, with all that fog everywhere.

Hero engine is also what SWTOR is made on. That game is incapable of having more than 20 players on screen without HUGE performance loss. Open world PvP is non-existent in SWTOR because of the engine alone. Only reason it even remotely works in ESO is because of the heavy modifications they did to it.

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Sounds like fun! My friends and I often mused what Co-Op Skyrim would have been like. But there's no way we're going to go back to Skyrim given the current stack of unfinished 2014-2015 RPGs on our plates...

....and no, none of us want to play ESO. Blech...

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Or just play The Elder Scrolls Online. That was the whole point of that spin-off.

Avatar image for Fuzaki

@es496: Honestly, Skyrim fits multiplayer much better. After all the game is a big open-world exploration game, essentially a single player MMO. Sure we have ESO, but it didn't keep all the aspects that people wanted. Games like Skyrim would be better suited as a Co-op than an MMO imo.

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@es496: that's like someone asking for co-op Witcher and getting told to play DOTA.

Avatar image for es496

@applecrow88: If I wanted to play co-op I would just play a game that is co-op to begin with instead of waiting around in the hope that a non co-op game will change to suit me.

If I went into an MMO forum and started asking if that game could turn into a single-player game instead I would expect to be advised to just play a single-player game if that's what I wanted.

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@es496: You are free to go and play ETO and get nothing that you had been waiting for a long time. I will wait and see if this mod gives me what ETO does not and never will.

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They tried this with Oblivion as well and that never really got far either.

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K... now make it splitscreen so I have a reason to care.

I don't know people online... who exactly does everyone keep playing with?

Avatar image for Drkoolbeanz

@skyhighgam3r: I suppose a bunch of the players have friends outside of Skyrim to play with.

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At least give a credit to Brodual for the video you linked to. So many times I've seen large gaming sites link to a YouTube video and not give credit in the article.

Avatar image for ReadySebbyGo

@corpsehatch: It's a YouTube embed, so Brodual will reap all those sweet views :)

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So many casuals praising this dull,overrated,over-simplified steaming pile of poo. I HONESTLY hope Bugthesda doesnt take any influence from this crap to make Fallout 4.

Avatar image for holocam22

@gameroutlawzz: Someone's insecure about their choices in life.

Avatar image for Crabjock

@gameroutlawzz: Why do these slang terms just sneak up on me? One day, "fanboy" existed out of nowhere, and then here comes "casuals" (In the way it is used here obviously).

Originality is dead, for sure. When you have to go to trend speak to insult folks (let's be honest, that's the ONLY reason fanboy and casual exists. To spit on the tastes of others), then you really have nothing important to say.

I think I'm just getting old. Cause I just don't get it. People have murdered terms with hyperbole when it comes to gaming, internet culture, so new terms are created with the sole purpose of beating them to death.

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--its been 4 years bro
--its time to let it go

Let it go, let it go

Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door!

Let it go, let it go
I am one with the wind and sky
Let it go, let it go
You'll never see me cry!

Let it go, let it go
When I'll rise like the break of dawn
Let it go, let it go

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@gameroutlawzz said:

So many casuals praising this dull,overrated,over-simplified steaming pile of poo. I HONESTLY hope Bugthesda doesnt take any influence from this crap to make Fallout 4.

Oooh we've got a badass over here.

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This is actually impressive

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Avatar image for edgefilm2001

We've been here twice before. This is about as far as anyone's gotten before they give up.

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@edgefilm2001: Oh has this already been done a couple times?

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Multiplayer does not belong in every game, dont encourage Bethesda.

Avatar image for DarkReign2022

@Suikogaiden: You're right. Competitive multiplayer has no business being in an Elder Scrolls game (really, I'd like to see competitive multiplayer disappear from the industry altogether, but I know that's a pipe dream...) Cooperative multiplayer, though, I feel belongs in just about everything. Anything that is fun with just one person can be made even better with two people. Just look at Portal 2. Perfect example.

I hope Elder Scrolls VI: Black Marsh has cooperative play right at launch because I would love to be able to travel the countryside and explore dungeons with my friend. 4 players might be too over-the-top, but at least one other player I think would be great, especially if they can scale the difficulty and balance the loot system.

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@DarkReign2022: It doesn't belong in everything. Single-player only games have a place as well. The number of single-player games out there has been reduced too much by publishers insisting on online components being added to games that don't need them.

Dead Space 3 might have been a good game for example if not for the need to play co-op to get the full experience there (since the game was now designed with two players in mind even when only 1 person was playing) which I don't think is right in a single-player series.

If you want to play with friends just play The Elder Scrolls Online. I'm looking forward to TES VI just like a lot of people but I don't want to see another Dead Space 3 situation happen.

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Competitive multiplayer has it's place in shooters, sports and RTS games but not in RPGs. Being able to go where you want and do what you will it what is great about Elder Scrolls games coop play would feel like a ball&chain to me but then again I have trouble working with others.

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@Suikogaiden: lol to late elder scrolls online already exists.

Avatar image for Suikogaiden


True but that was not made by Bethesda

Avatar image for ignisnobueno

@deathblow3: too bad its more like a mmo spin off as oppose to an actual installment

Avatar image for deathBRINGER201

@ignisnobueno: yea but i guess that was the point, something a little different to the norm but not for everyone as I boycotted it too. bring on fallout 4!!!!

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Heh, they tried that with Oblivion too.

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Online Elder Scrolls game ?!, WOW this is greatest idea ever))))))) And I have even beter Idea .... how about making Free 2 Play TES Card game ?

Avatar image for deathBRINGER201

@evglevsha: Man if someone makes a gwent app I'd be pretty happy lol

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