Sky: Children Of The Light Is Out Now On PlayStation

The Journey spiritual successor can be downloaded for free on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 from today.


Journey spiritual successor Sky: Children of the Light is available from today on PlayStation consoles. The free-to-play game is already available on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch, and new players on PlayStation will be able to play alongside veterans from other platforms.

Thatgamecompany has marked the release of Sky on PlayStation with a pack of Journey-themed items available for $25. While Sky has a heavier focus on online multiplayer and live service replayability, the free-to-play title shares a lot of its DNA with predecessor Journey, which was first released for the PS3 in 2012.

Sky: Children of the Light has been downloaded over 160 million times across iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch, after first releasing on iOS in mid-2019.

The PlayStation release comes in time for players to join in with Sky's Season of Aurora, which includes an in-game concert by musician Aurora scheduled to begin just after The Game Awards this Thursday night.

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