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Sky: Children Of The Light Is Collaborating With Frozen 2 Singer For Its Next Season

The Season of Aurora will feature quests written by the singer, new cosmetics, and of course, Aurora's music.


Sky: Children of the Light's development team has announced that its new season will be a collaboration with Norwegian musician Aurora, fittingly titled the Season of Aurora. The new season is set to arrive on October 17, bringing with it a new story told through song, four new Spirits, and plenty of new cosmetic items.

The new season will feature Aurora herself as the season's Guide, who can be found in the Valley of Triumph's Coliseum. Aurora will be joined by four new seasonal Spirits who are the quest-givers for the season. The seasonal quests will each have a story written by Aurora and told through song in a way that fleshes out the world of Sky. The quests can be completed multiple times by returning to the starting point.

The new items coming for this season include new masks, capes, outfits, and new musical sheets that will allow players to play Aurora's music on their in-game instruments.

Some of these cosmetics will be available to all players who play through the season content, but to unlock all of the items, players will have to unlock the $10 season pass. Extra items will also be available directly from the shop such as the Runaway hairstyle and outfit, and the Tiara We Can Touch accessory.

The Season of Aurora will be active from October 17 through to the end of the year, ending on January 2, 2023. More as-yet-unannounced content is due to arrive in the second half of the season, when update 0.19.5 drops, so keep an eye out for more.

Sky: Children of the Light is free-to-play with microtransactions on iOS and Android.

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