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Skull And Bones - Ship Types And Cannon Types Explained

There are several different ships you can build in Skull and Bones and even more cannons to equip, but what's the difference between them all?


One of the main progression paths in Skull and Bones is upgrading your ship and its equipment. At the start of the game, you're left to sail the seas on a small raft, but eventually, you can build a behemoth of a vessel with cannons, furniture, armor, and more.

Along the way on this journey, you're presented with several different ship types as well as a variety of weapons, mostly consisting of cannons. It's important to understand what these ship types mean and what the difference is between one cannon and another so you can build a ship perfectly designed to your needs and playstyle. Below, you can see a list of every different ship and cannon type in Skull and Bones.

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All Ship Types in Skull and Bones

From everything we've seen so far in Skull and Bones, there are three primary ship types: DPS, Tank, and Support. Every class of ship is given one of these types, which determines how large the ship is and what its special perks might be. For example, a Support ship such as the Sentinel has the perk "Unburden," which "restores severe damage by 0.5% and hull health by 0.5% per second." Because Support ships specialize in aiding friendly ships, their perks are usually centered around healing in some way.

A ship with the Tank ship type
A ship with the Tank ship type

On the other hand, you have the DPS ship type, which specializes in sheer damage and dishing out status effects. Finally, there's the Tank ship type, specializing in overall defense and bracing to reduce incoming damage. You can see the official in-game descriptions for all three ship types below:

  • Support: Specialized in aiding friendly ships, the Support excels in providing assists that can help turn the tide of a battle.
  • DPS: Specialized in dealing damage and status effects, the DPS favors an aggressive playstyle.
  • Tank: Specialized in bracing against incoming damage, the Tank excels in defense.

It's important to remember what ship type you have when sailing, as that can determine how aggressive you are with enemies or how you deal with party members. If you are playing in a party, it's ideal for all of you to have different ship types so you can take advantage of all the various perks that come with each type.

All Cannon Types in Skull and Bones

Moving on, now we have the different cannon types you can equip on your ship in Skull and Bones. I'll only be talking about the specific cannons in the game, so this won't encompass other weapons, such as Mortars, Bombards, Rockets, etc.

The Long Gun cannon is high-risk, high-reward.
The Long Gun cannon is high-risk, high-reward.

There are three main cannon types you'll see during your time in Skull and Bones, which are: Culverin, Demi-Cannon, and Long Gun. The Culverin is the earliest cannon you can equip on your ship because it's the most basic. It doesn't have great damage, but it has a moderately fast reload speed and slightly above-average range. This cannon shoots multiple shots at once, giving you the chance to deal big damage if you're accurate. You can use the Culverin anywhere, but it's best for the port or starboard side of your ship.

Next, the Demi-Cannon improves upon the Culverin's damage in a minuscule way while having a much faster reload speed, but shorter range. You also shoot multiple shots with the Demi-Cannon. It's best for the port or starboard side of your ship as well, but you just need to remember to get extra close to a ship when firing the Demi-Cannon.

Finally, the Long Gun is your sniper cannon of sorts. You only shoot one cannon at a time with the Long Gun, but that shot can do a ton of damage if it's well-placed. The range of the Long Gun is the maximum amount you can have in Skull and Bones, but this comes at the cost of reload speed. The Long Gun is perfect for the Bow of your ship, as you can point and shoot the cannon wherever your ship is facing.

As you progress in Skull and Bones, you'll gain access to better weapons outside of cannons. However, cannons never truly lose their luster when you're playing a pirate simulator.

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