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Skull And Bones - How To Get Scurlock's Chasers

Acquire the powerful Scurlock's Chasers long gun in Skull and Bones.


Skull and Bones has several weapons that you can obtain throughout the course of your adventure. One of these is a unique long gun that can tear enemies apart. Here's our guide on how to get Scurlock's Chasers in Skull and Bones.

How to get Scurlock's Chasers in Skull and Bones

You can get Scurlock's Chasers by completing The Lion and the Rat mission. Take note that this is part of the main quest chain, so here's a quick summary:

  • The main quest chain involves John Scurlock, the kingpin and leader of the Sainte-Anne pirate haven.
  • You're expected to finish various missions, such as Brokered Ground and High Seas Heist.
  • Much later, you'll receive The Lion and the Rat mission, which is essentially the conclusion of Scurlock's arc. The goal is to find and eliminate a traitor aboard a ship known as The Allegiant.
  • You can find the vessel in open waters east of Sainte-Anne. We've included a map image below.
A map showing the location of the mission objective.
A map showing the location of the mission objective.

How to defeat the Allegiant, Le Spectre, and the Compagnie squadron

Upon reaching the location, you'll see that the Allegiant is colluding with another Compagnie vessel. Approach them to initiate combat and take out the target. Once you do this, however, half a dozen Compagnie ships will appear.

Your main target now is Le Spectre, which is quite a tough opponent. If you already have the Padewakang ship, then you've got an advantage here due to its defenses. It also has an auxiliary slot which can be outfitted with a mortar weapon to deal AoE damage. If you're using a ship of a lower-tier, just be careful as you skirt around to avoid enemy fire. Likewise, since you're in open waters, beware of rogue waves that can easily destroy your naval craft.

In any case, once you've dealt with Le Spectre and the rest of the Compagnie squadron, return to Sainte-Anne and have a chat with John Scurlock. For your efforts, you'll receive 700 Infamy, 1,150 silver, a new cosmetic color palette for your vessel, and the Scurlock's Chasers weapon.

Initially, only the Allegiant and another Compagnie ship are in the area (left). Soon enough, a squadron led by Le Spectre will arrive (right).

Scurlock's Chasers stats and perks

The Skull and Bones Scurlock's Chasers weapon has the following stats and perks:

  • Type: Long Gun
  • Ammo: Cannonballs
  • Perk 1: Mast Breaker - Deals 7,000 damage after the Torn Sails effect is applied.
  • Perk 2: Piercing III - Adds 30% of damage as piercing damage; increases damage to weak points by 100%.
  • Perk 3: Tearing II - Increases damage by 50% when hitting sails.
  • Damage: 1,362 (piercing)
  • Reload: Nine seconds
  • Range: 1,000 meters
  • Gun Ports: 2
  • Fire Rate: 0.60 seconds
Rip apart sails to make the most out of the Mast Breaker perk.
Rip apart sails to make the most out of the Mast Breaker perk.

Long gun-type armaments are great if you want to hit enemies from afar. Still, to make the most out of the Mast Breaker perk, you need to hit a target's mast/sails to apply the "Torn Sails" effect. This is a viable strategy so you can weaken your foe before they even reach you.

In any case, this is how you get the Scurlock's Chasers in Skull and Bones. To know where it ranks among the armaments in the game, you can visit our best weapons tier list.

Skull and Bones is an open-world adventure game where you sail the high seas in the hopes of becoming a pirate lord. To learn more about various mechanics and features, you can check our guides hub.

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