Skate Reboot Is Coming To PC, Marking A First For The Franchise

Whenever the next Skate game drops, you'll be able to play the latest entry in EA's skateboarding simulation franchise on PC.


Publisher EA has confirmed that the beloved Skate franchise will debut on PC for the first time with the rebooted "Skate 4" currently in development.

The official Skate Twitter account posted an 11-second video, announcing that Skate is coming to PC. Though short, the video is solid: Some unidentified skateboarder lands a buttery 360 flip before kickflipping over an old monitor. After landing both tricks, the monitor flicks on to show "Skate."

It's the first bit of news we've heard from EA on Skate 4's development in a bit. Back in July, the Skate development team gave a small update ahead of EA Play Live 2021, saying work on the project is "still early." Prior to this, in January, EA established a new studio called Full Circle--and hired former head of Xbox Live Dan McCulloch--to spearhead the game's development.

Otherwise, things have been all quiet on this skateboarding front.

Skate 4 (not the real name of the game, just what that internet has dubbed it) was announced at EA Play Live 2020; everyone on the internet, celebrities and fans alike, collectively lost their minds over the news. Sadly, there's still no release date or confirmed platforms--other than PC for now.

Still, It's been a great two years for skateboarding game fans--myself included. We've seen the console releases of Skate competitors Crea-ture Studios' Session and Easy Day Studios' Skater XL, a stealth drop for the PC minimalist skateboarding game The Ramp, and a bit more of OlliOlli World.

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