Silent Space planned for the PS2, Xbox

Crytek plans to add Silent Space to its roster of next-generation products.


German developer Crytek Studios plans to release several games for multiple next-generation consoles. As reported previously, the company is currently speaking with several major publishers and plans to release Engalus, a first-person action-adventure, and X-Isle, a first-person shooter, for multiple platforms. GameSpot has also learned that Crytek Studios intends to develop its sci-fi strategy game Silent Space for the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. "The game is planned for the major platforms: the PC, the PS2, and the Xbox," Crytek president Faruk Yerli told GameSpot. "Currently we are in negotiation with some publishers. We know that the game would be fantastic, but you surely know that without funding no game could be finished. We believe that Silent Space could break the limits of other space games, and we will soon announce the future of all of our projects."

Specific details regarding Silent Space are scarce at this time, but according to Yerli the game's in-depth strategy and actual gameplay mechanics are its strengths. "A deep combat system is the core of Silent Space," Yerli explained in a previous interview with GameSpot. "Unlike the shallow World War II combat of its predecessors, Silent Space adds depth to the combat mechanics of sci-fi gaming, while still maintaining the classic style and true physics of the genre. Our advanced AI system uses true military tactics to reach the full capacity of its vessels, and it adapts to the player's every move. In the single-player mode, a rich campaign is set within the Silent Space universe, with unique mission designs dealing with the ongoing events of a war, which has nearly destroyed humanity."

Crytek Studios says that an announcement is forthcoming regarding its next-generation projects, and GameSpot will have specific details when it is made.

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