Sigma Star Saga hits retail

Game Boy Advance gamers can set forth on their own sci-fi saga in Namco's new role-playing game.


Namco's throwback to the era of 16-bit consoles, Sigma Star Saga, has been released for the Game Boy Advance. The action role-playing game is rated E for Everyone and can be picked up for $29.99.

The science fiction storyline kicks off with Earth under attack, and players will find themselves thrust into the role of double agent Ian Recker, a human operative sent behind enemy lines. As the story twists and turns, Recker discovers that the invading Krill, and the interplanetary struggle itself, may not be as black and white as he thought.

Sigma Star Saga combines two old-school game types, a side-scrolling space shooter and top-down sequences reminiscent of early games in the Legend of Zelda series. Namco attempts to keep the shooter sequences interesting with a weapon customization system that allows "gun data" items to be combined for specialized attacks.

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