Shippin' Out Aug. 9-15: Madden NFL 10

EA's football-sim kicks off Friday; Marvel vs. Capcom 2 slams to PSN, with DS RPG Fossil Fighters stomping in this week; Still Life 2 for PC and revamped Phantom Brave for Wii.


Although last week saw the release of notable downloadable updates for popular titles, it lacked the debut of highly anticipated stand-alone games. That will change this week, with the arrival of Madden NFL 10. Electronic Arts' pro footballer will check in Friday for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, and PSP, with the series discontinued on the PC. As outlined in GameSpot's preview, the game will introduce a new injury system, the "fight for the fumble" feature, online co-op play, and online Franchise mode. Check back later in the week for a full review.

When it begins to snow, game releases will begin to pick up even more.
When it begins to snow, game releases will begin to pick up even more.

Moving from tackling to brawling, Capcom's fighter Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will slam onto the PlayStation Network two weeks after its debut on Xbox Live on July 29. Although the arcade game hit the PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2002 and 2003, respectively, the PS3 release will showcase three graphics settings--classic, crisp, and smooth--and remains faithful to the purist-favored Dreamcast edition of 2000. The game will also include online play, widescreen support, and all 56 playable characters unlocked from the get-go. The game will cost $15 on the PSN for the US.

Beyond Marvel vs. Capcom 2, the historic action adventure game Death to Spies: Moment of Truth is slinking its way to the PC. Published by the Russian-based 1C, the World War II third-person stealth sneaking game is the sequel to 2007's Death to Spies. Players control a proto-KGB operative who picks locks, slides past Nazis, and assassinates unsuspecting foes.

Nintendo's handheld is also going prehistoric this week, with the dinosaur-themed role-playing game Fossil Fighters. As the title partly implies, a boy protagonist digs up fossils and conjures gladiatorial dinosaurs from the calcified relics.

From lighthearted to grim, Still Life 2 is a dark mystery adventure game arriving on the PC. The sequel to the 2005 original, Still Life 2 follows a female FBI agent on the trail of a twisted serial killer. Rounding out this week's releases is Phantom Brave: We Meet Again for the Wii. Players will meet Phantom Brave again after its original release on the PlayStation 2 in 2004. The Wii edition is a revamped version of NIS America's 2004 game and features a new scenario and new characters.

For further details on the week's games, visit GameSpot's New Releases page. The full list of downloadable games on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and the Wii Shop Channel will be revealed later this week. Release dates are based on retailer listings and are subject to change.

AUGUST 9, 2009
No new releases scheduled.

AUGUST 10, 2009
Death to Spies: Moment of Truth--PC--1C
Fossil Fighters--DS--Nintendo
NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits--Wii--Over the Top Games
Sky Pirates of Neo Terra--DS--Aspyr
Texas Cheat 'Em --PC--D3Publisher

AUGUST 11, 2009
Active Life: Extreme Challenge--Wii--Namco Bandai Games
C.O.R.E.--DS--Graffiti Entertainment
Imagine: Soccer Captain--DS--Ubisoft
Joint Operations: Complete Collection--PC--Navarre
Monster Mayhem: Build and Battle--DS, Wii--Crave
Phantom Brave: We Meet Again--Wii--NIS America
Still Life 2--PC--Encore Software

AUGUST 12, 2009
Polar Sports Vol. 1--PC--MumboJumbo
Trials HD--X360--Microsoft

AUGUST 13, 2009
Marvel vs. Capcom 2--PS3--Capcom

AUGUST 14, 2009
Madden NFL 10--PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, X360--EA

AUGUST 15, 2009
No new releases scheduled.

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