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Shenmue III confirmed

AM2 reiterates that Ryo Hazuku's adventures will continue beyond Shenmue II.


As part of the latest update on the official AM2 Web site, the director of planning for Sega's AM2 division has confirmed that it currently plans to develop Shenmue III. This announcement comes as no surprise, as the ending of Shenmue II hinted that the series would continue, and Sega has commented that the Shenmue epic is far from complete and the story of Ryo Hazuku and Shenhua needs to be continued. Although a specific platform was not revealed, judging from the fact Shenmue II is now being released on the Xbox, it is likely that the third installment will also appear on Microsoft's console.

With Shenmue II set for release in North America in fall 2002 on the Xbox, we don't expect Shenmue III to be released in that territory anytime soon.

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