Shadow Hearts: Covenant Update

Midway makes sure Shadow Hearts fans won't go without a dose of demons and morphing this year.


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The last time we covered Shadow Hearts 2, the sequel to 2001's unique RPG developed by Aruze for the PlayStation 2, the promising follow-up was without a US publisher. Fortunately Midway, publisher of the original, critically acclaimed game, has opted to keep it real and bring the sequel to the US. While simply called Shadow Hearts 2 in Japan, the game is being renamed for the US to Shadow Hearts: Covenant. The game will take place six months after the end of the original Shadow Hearts and will put you in control of Yuri, the moody, morphing hero from the first game.

While our boy was a powerhouse at the end of the first game, things have changed when Shadow Hearts: Covenant opens. Yuri's powers are weakened when he's cursed by a gent named Nicholas, a member of a secret society taking advantage of the events occurring during World War I to fulfill its evil ambitions of ruling the world. In order to cure his curse and save the world, Yuri sets out to defeat the cult. Although weak, Yuri has help from an eclectic bunch of companions such as Gepetto, a puppet master, and Kallen, a German female soldier. As you'd expect, the game will feature many of the inspired loony touches in its graphics and design that made the original Shadow Hearts so unique. In addition, the game will refine the unique "judgment ring" control mechanic introduced in the first game.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant is slated to ship this fall for the PlayStation 2. For more info in the meantime, check out our preview of the import version of the game.

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