Sega unveils TJ & E III Xbox Live content

ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth downloadable content revealed.


Sega has revealed some of the downloadable content players will be able to access in its recently released adventure game ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth. By interacting with a character in the game, players will be able to download three new playable characters and two new levels into the game.

The three new playable characters in the game are Suteki, Earl Bot, and Nerdy ToeJam. Suteki is a robotlike character that is similar in size to Latisha. Although Suteki will have similar moves to Latisha, she will be able to run faster and jump farther and will have greater luck when opening risky presents in the game. Earl Bot is a chrome-covered Earl who runs as fast as ToeJam and has funk fu and funkify attacks that do double damage. Nerdy ToeJam is ToeJam's cousin, and he looks like a green-colored version of the main character sans hat and medallion and with a bowtie and glasses. Despite the physical similarities to ToeJam, Nerdy ToeJam will run slower and jump higher and farther and will have good luck when gambling and will be forgiven for rhythm-matching mistakes.

The two new levels in the game are Hades Maze and Funkadelic. Hades Maze will feature a psychedelic ground, polka-dot skies, and strange alien plants and objects. This level is inhabited by the most dangerous earthlings in the game and offers the most valuable presents in the game, including super presents. Hades Maze is similar to the Hell Secret level and includes the fire devils seen on that level, but it's larger and features a twisted maze of hell bridges as well as presents placed in fiery locations that will damage players when they collect them.

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