Sega Sports NFL 2K1 First Impressions

Gridiron action returns to the Dreamcast, now with online play. Find out what you can expect to see in Sega Sports NFL 2K1.


Sega enjoyed major mainstream success with its gridiron hit NFL 2k for the Dreamcast. In the sequel, Sega Sports NFL 2k1, Sega hopes to improve on the realistic graphics and gameplay while introducing the much-anticipated online multiplayer gaming feature. NFL 2k1 lets you connect to a friend's console via the Dreamcast Network, using either their current ISP or SegaNet, and play online, and up to eight players at once.

Also new in this year's version is the franchise mode. You can now take part in multiple seasons, draft rookies, sign free agents, manage the salary cap, and watch players develop and retire. Other notable options, according to Sega, include the implementation of true bump-and-run coverage packages, more explosive running animations, more than 2000 motion-captured moves, and historic throwback uniforms.

Other enhanced features include separate VM files for roster and season saves, full statistical tracking over several seasons, updated 2000-2001 rosters, and complete team-specific playbooks.

Improving on a successful debut game is a testy thing. The playability has to be retained while new features are added. This seems to be Sega's philosophy with NFL 2k1, as the graphics, animation, commentary, and AI will be improved while the title retains the essence of the original gameplay.

Sega Sports NFL 2k1 is tentatively set to be released for the Dreamcast in Fall 2000.

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