Sega Shows Off Dreamcast Tetris

TOKYO - Sega gives the Japanese gaming community a first look at its new incarnation of Tetris on the Dreamcast.

TOKYO - You either love or hate Tetris at this point. Cloned more often than Capcom eats its own Street Fighter license, Sega Tetris is not only Internet compatible, but it also adds a touch of Baku Baku Animal to boot. It's Tetris, what can you say? But Sega adds some flair to the game with 3D backgrounds and characters in the middle of the gameplay area who hammer out each line as you clear them. Considering it's Internet playable, gamers should be able to jump right into a blocky battlefield anytime they wish. It looks as good as Tetris possibly can without resorting to gimmicky special effects, so look for Sega to bring this one to the States to support Chu Chu Rocket's release soon.

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