Sega Channel Looks to Bring On-Demand Gaming to PC

After enjoying success as a video games on demand service, Sega Channel takes a look at the computer market.


Sega Channel, a service providing Sega Genesis owners with games on demand through a special cable hook-up, is looking to broaden its market by providing a similar service for PC users. Looking at the rising PC gaming market, Sega Channel says that it is working on a test of the service.

The new service would be oriented more toward the family entertainment market and be provided through a broadband (with a bandwidth greater than 64 kb per second) cable connection.

Even though Sega Channel has experienced continued subscription growth, the company says that because the 16-bit market is not getting any bigger, it needs to move from Interactive TV to Internet gaming. Currently, Sega Channel has 230,000 subscribers, down from the 250,000 at its peak.

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