See Destiny: Taken King's PlayStation-Exclusive Content in Action

Plus, watch Sony unbox the special-edition Destiny PlayStation 4 bundle.


Bungie and Sony are teaming up for more PlayStation-exclusive content for next week's Destiny: The Taken King as part of their combined effort to make PlayStation the "ultimate Destiny experience." As announced previously, this content comes in the form of new gear, a co-op Strike, and a Crucible map.

Now, Bungie has released a video that shows off this content (and an unboxing for the Taken King PlayStation 4 bundle), featuring insight from Bungie developers and Sony's Adam Boyes. Take a look at the video here, while a full rundown is available below.

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The Taken King's PlayStation-exclusive content is listed below. Like the timed-exclusive content before it for The Dark Below and House of Wolves, it is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 for about one year. The content will be exclusive to PlayStation platforms through "at least" fall 2016.

For more on The Taken King, check out GameSpot's beginner's guide.

Gear sets:

  • Titan -- Hesperos
  • Warlock -- Azoth Bend
  • Hunter -- Neuroghast


  • The Jade Rabbit Scout Rifle


  • Echo Chamber

Crucible Map:

  • Sector 618

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