See Battlefield 1's Single-Player in Impressive New Trailer

Shining a light on the WWI shooter's campaign.


As promised, EA today published a trailer for Battlefield 1's single-player mode.

Players have seen quite a lot of Battlefield 1's multiplayer, and even got to try it out in the beta, but this is the first time we're getting a good look at the campaign. As announced previously, the story follows a cast of characters and takes place across multiple theaters of war. There are four characters that you'll control, including a fighter pilot, an armor crewman, a rebel fighter, and a "message-runner."

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In the past, Battlefield's campaigns have mostly been set in tight corridors with close-quarters combat, lacking the openness and variety that the multiplayer provides. That may not be the case with Battlefield 1, however, as lead designer Danny Berlin told GameSpot in a previous interview that the campaign "will more accurately reflect Battlefield's open sandboxes."

Berlin continued, saying DICE's World War I game will feature "much more choice and variety than [it's] done before." He also said the upcoming Battlefield's story will be about a multifarious group of people "dealing with the changing world in their own ways," and it'll allow players to take various, more open approaches.

Battlefield 1 comes out on October 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. EA/Origin Access members can start playing on October 13, while people who buy the Early Enlister edition can get in on October 18.

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