Second Allied Assault expansion coming

EA reveals that another Medal of Honor: Allied Assault expansion pack is due out this summer.


Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

At a press event dedicated to the upcoming Medal of Honor games Rising Sun and 2912024Pacific Assault , Electronic Arts has confirmed that there's an unnamed expansion to the best-selling Medal of Honor: Allied Assault in the works that's scheduled for the summer. The expansion will have players assume the role of a new operative and will start off in the North African deserts and then follow the mountainous Italian campaign.

Since EA's 25-person team for PC Medal of Honor games is busy with Pacific Assault, a Pacific theater follow-up to Allied Assault, the expansion will be developed by an external studio, TKO Software. The Santa Cruz-based studio is relatively new, but its creative team is headed up by none other than Justin Chin, the designer behind Jedi Knight and New Legends.

The new expansion is planned to be noticeably longer than the Spearhead expansion released last November. EA senior producer Matt Powers commented that Spearhead had a series of big sequences but less in the way of downtime or long action-focused stretches than Allied Assault, and that's what contributed to making it shorter. The second expansion will have some more-drawn-out action sequences.

Also planned are new multiplayer maps and even a new multiplayer mode, but it's too early to discuss specifics. The expansion hasn't been in development long, but it is reportedly coming together quickly. Powers noted that the TKO team is already working weekends to complete the game for its aggressive summer schedule. We'll have more details soon.

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