Sea Of Thieves Grogmanay: Start Time, Challenges, And Rewards

For this next Sea of Thieves event, you'll need to sling back a few tankards.


Sea of Thieves is celebrating Festival of Giving, but after that, Grogmanay will kick off to take us into the new year. In this lush-ious live event, pirates will need to empty their tankards and then give it their all in several drunken challenges. You can be rewarded for imbibing with a unique new tattoo if you complete all of the Grogmanay challenges. Here's all you need to know.

Sea of Thieves - Grogmanay start time

Sea of Thieves Grogmanay begins on December 27 at 2 AM PT / 5 AM ET and ends at the same time on January 11. During the event, you'll need to complete six challenges in total in order to earn all four event rewards.

Grogmanay challenges and rewards

Each of the six Grogmanay challenges asks you to complete some sort of daring feat while, well, wasted. The challenges span several aspects of life at sea in Rare's sandbox, and though some are quite simple, the added element of performing these tasks while drunk may make them a bit harder--funnier, too.

  • A Staggering Success: Drink three tankards of grog, then dig up a chest while you're still sick
  • Dropping the Ball: Drink three tankards of grog, then hit an enemy ship with a cannonball while you're still sick
  • Drowned Sorrows: Drink three tankards of grog, then defeat Ocean Crawlers while you're still sick
  • Sick Burn: Drink three tankards of grog, then defeat skeletons using firebombs while you're still sick
  • Dinner and Drinks: Drink three tankards of grog, then capture a pig, chicken, and snake while you're still sick
  • Drink three tankards of grog, then defeat a shark while you're still sick
Cheers to future follies!
Cheers to future follies!

If you've played Sea of Thieves, you know being drunk in the game can be very debilitating, making it hard to walk or see--not to mention all the projectile vomiting you'll be doing. To make these easier, you can usually find yourself what you need and bring it to the brink of completion.

For example, locate a chest precisely, then have your drinks. It'll be tough to walk to the spot, but it'll still be easier than starting your search while you're drunk. The same goes for things like fighting skellies, Ocean Crawlers, or sharks. It'll be tricky to hit an enemy ship with a cannonball, but even if you struggle, you might be able to enter into a tentative, challenge-chasing truce with a rival crew--or not. You never can be sure on the Sea of Thieves, aye?

You can earn four exclusive rewards to ring in the new year.
You can earn four exclusive rewards to ring in the new year.

For all of your stumbling and vomiting, you'll earn up to four new rewards. Here they are:

  • Complete one Grogmanay challenge: Bilge Rat Celebration tattoo
  • Complete two Grogmanay challenges: Bilge rat Celebration makeup
  • Complete four Grogmanay challenges: Grogmanay Annual tankard
  • Complete six Grogmanay challenges: Celebration Celebrity title

Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. It's also in Game Pass.

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